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Griffin Purnell’s Wisconsin team specializes in representing victims of catastrophic injuries including building explosions related to natural gas leaks and defects. These catastrophic explosions cause not only extensive personal and property damage but can take away that which matters most. 

The use of controlled combustable gases are essential to modern life. Nearly everyone in Wisconsin uses some form of propane or combustable gas for cooking or heating their homes. The threat of these inherently dangerous materials is ever-present which is why utility companies and manufactures dealing with these fuels are held to such high standards of safety. 

The top rated attorneys at Griffin Purnell LLC will work to investigate the causes of the explosion, uncover the negligence of responsible parties if any, and ensure that your rights are protected. Griffin Purnell understands that no lawsuit can ever bring back what was lost, but we will work tirelessly to ensure our clients are not taken advantage of in their time of need and are appropriately compensated for their damages. By doing this we can ensure that companies recognize the safety obligations they owe to their customers so that similar incidents will never happen again.

Can I file a Residential Explosion Lawsuit?

Home explosions cause significant damage to the residential home itself as well as neighboring properties.  Significant injuries, death, and property damage result from these explosions.  Many are caused by faulty gas hookups, defective furnaces and hot water heaters, and defective component parts including pilot lights and thermocouples.  Other explosions are the fault of the gas company relating to line construction and hookups.  

Affected parties can file injury and property damage lawsuits against the persons or entities responsible for the explosion.  Gas explosion lawsuits are commonly filed against service utility contractors or subcontractors, or manufacturers who make defective products causing the explosion. 

 A detailed investigation by our lawyers will identify any negligent parties.  We will then file a lawsuit seeking compensation for allowable damages.

Recovering property damage from home insurer

In addition to injuring people and families, the explosions cause significant property damage to the home itself up to and including the total loss of the home. We’ve seen cases where all interior contents of the home are completely destroyed including damage to surrounding cars and property. Griffin Purnell understands and can walk you though filing a claim with the insurance company and make sure you receive the maximum recovery you are entitled to under your insurance contract. 

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With over 100 verdicts and 10,000+ hours in trial the attorneys at Griffin Purnell are ready to advocate for your interests. 

Whether you personally suffered a loss or are the family member of someone who has been injured or lost their life to a catastrophic explosion – we are here to ensure you are protected and properly compensated.

Our Low Volume - High Pace - Approach

Our low-volume litigation approach allows us to dedicate the time and energy needed to achieve favorable outcomes for our clients. This model involves meticulous research for each case using the latest legal databases, publications, and even active pleadings in comparable jurisdictions.

Griffin Purnell understands that “justice delayed is justice denied.” Thats why we’ve committed to establishing a “fast pace” at the onset of each dispute and ensuring that the other side sticks to their deadlines.

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