US Law Shield Litigation

US Law Shield Fails to Pay its Program Attorneys: We’re Taking them to Court.

US Law Shield is a wildly successful nationwide attorney-fee cost sharing program that promises to protect innocent bystanders involved in self-defense incidents. After years of operation one thing has become clear – US Law Shield doesn’t pay its bills. Griffin Purnell is currently accepting cases on behalf of former Program Attorneys, Employees, and other stakeholders who were underpaid or unreimbursed for costs owed under their contracts with the company.

US Law Shield’s Conduct.

US Law Shield’s business model offers a series of state-specific membership programs to civilians who may need legal representation after a use-of-force incident. The company advertises heavily on social media, radio, and affiliated advertisement through various figure heads in the self defense industry. US Law Shield also frequently hosts gun-show seminars and incentivizes License to Carry Instructors (CHL/LTC) to sell US Law Shield products to their students.

US Law Shield currently operates under a quasi-insurance structure that has proved extremely lucrative for the company. With over 650,000 paying members across the United States, every dollar not allocated to Attorney fees and overhead expenses goes straight back to US Law Shield. As the market for self-defense insurance has become increasingly competitive so too has US Law Shield’s motivation to increase its bottom line.

The company has been accused of taking advantage of its employees, program attorneys, and independent contractors by underpaying or refusing to pay monies owed under its contracts.

US Law Shield’s Program Attorneys are typically compensated under a flat rate monthly payment structure derived from the total number of paying Law Shield members in a given market (e.g. $2/member/month). Program Attorney agreements may also contemplate “Responsibility Payment” extensions and six months of severance to offset the costs of completing outstanding cases.

Litigation Against US Law Shield.

Griffin Purnell has recently filed suit against US Law Shield for breach of contract, alleging damages for gross underpayment of fees owed under its Program Attorney Agreement.

Our initial investigation indicates that US Law Shield has exhibited a long pattern of refusing to pay what is owed under its various agreements with employees, program attorneys, independent contractors, and other stakeholders.

Will Griffin Purnell Represent Me In My Claim Against US Law Shield?

If you have been underpaid by US Law Shield please give us a call at 361-500-2804. If you qualify, we will represent you on a contingency basis where you pay nothing unless we win.

Griffin Purnell is a respected boutique litigation firm with a nationwide practice. We have successfully litigated cases in federal and state courts throughout the country, including California, New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, & Texas. We are committed to providing our clients with aggressive advocacy to ensure that justice is done.

Stay tuned for updates on our litigation against US Law Shield.