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The Trial Attorneys at Griffin Purnell are just that – experienced litigators who aren’t afraid to take a case to trial. Why? Because we’ve done it before – and have the verdicts to prove it!

After spending years representing large multinational corporations in trials across the nation, the attorneys at Griffin Purnell are ready to advocate for your interests.

Whether you’re a partner, executive, or shareholder involved in a contentious business dispute we are here to help.

Our Low Volume - High Pace - Approach

Our low-volume litigation approach allows us to dedicate the time and energy needed to achieve favorable outcomes for our clients. This model involves meticulous research for each case using the latest legal databases, publications, and even active pleadings in comparable jurisdictions.

Griffin Purnell understands that “justice delayed is justice denied.” That’s why we’ve committed to establishing a “fast pace” at the onset of each dispute and ensuring that the other side sticks to their deadlines.

our professional services Include:

Griffin Purnell has a wide range of business litigation experience from breach of contract to high-value collection cases. We are proud to both defend and prosecute aggrieved parties. 

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