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San Antonio Personal Injury Referral

Griffin Purnell accepts high-value personal injury case referrals from attorneys in the San Antonio area. If you have a San Antonio Personal Injury Referral – look no further than Griffin Purnell. We’re experts at crafting transparent and ethical fee-sharing agreements and are proud of the recent fee’s we’ve paid out to referring attorneys:

  • $400k Referral Fee in Catastrophic Construction Case
  • $250k+ Referral Fee in Product Defect Case
  • $150k Referral Fee in Product Defect Case
*Please note, Attorneys in Texas may only joint venture/fee share with other attorneys. Griffin Purnell cannot offer case referral fees to non-lawyers.
Call Chase directly to discuss the details of your referral: 210-905-0069 Ext: 3

Why Should you refer your PI Case to Griffin Purnell?

A Local You Can Trust to handle your case

Charles (“Chase”) Hardy Jr. is a well-known lawyer in San Antonio with a long history of serving the community. He has extensive experience in litigation and has been practicing law since he was 23 years old. Chase is known for his tenacity in court and his ability to handle any type of case. He cares deeply about obtaining results for his clients and always puts their interests first. 

Most importantly, he pays his referring attorneys on time and in full. While you can trust Chase on his handshake you can verify the strength of his word with a straightforward agreement in writing.

Chase is licensed in the State of Texas and is also certified to practice in the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas. Chase understands the nuance of Bexar County’s presiding system and feels comfortable in all local state and federal courts. If the case is especially complex and requires multiple attorneys to see it through at trial the experienced litigators at Griffin Purnell are happy to assist.

Chase is happy to  discus any case involving good facts and a solvent defendant! Give Chase a call today to discuss your case and the details regarding a referral fee structure or joint venture.


Refer to San Antonio Trial Lawyer with Trial Experience

Griffin Purnell is a boutique trial law firm with offices in San Antonio, Corpus Christi, and Milwaukee. Our practice is nationwide. We’re collectively licensed in six states and have standing local counsel agreements in states where we aren’t licensed. Our experience in Texas is extensive but there’s not a courtroom in the Country we’re afraid of.

The experience and knowledge of Partners Dan Griffin and Simon Purnell is the driving force behind the success of our practice. Dan and Simon are each 20-year litigators with over 100 verdicts between them. Our primary areas of practice include:

  • Catastrophic Injury
  • Products liability
  • Premises liability
  • Toxic tortsMass torts

A list of representative cases is available on our attorney bio pages – or, give us a call and we’ll be happy to share our “war stories.” What you need to know is this: we are committed to achieving the largest possible recovery on the fastest possible timeline.

Our firm has represented clients in some of the largest cases in US history including numerous clients in Asbestos and RoundUp litigation. We currently represent Texas Counties in the ongoing Opioid litigation and servicemen in 3M’s faulty earplug litigation.

We’re also proud of the recoveries we’ve achieved in single-plaintiff cases against one or more defendants. We regularly file suit against negligent trucking companies, retailers, construction firms, auto-manufacturers, and utility companies.

Our Low-Volume Firm Pays More Attention To the Clients you Refer

We realize your reputation is on the line with every case you refer, especially when it involves someone you know well. Griffin Purnell is a low-volume firm and our focus provides a customized approach for every one of our clients. You wont find “cookie-cutter” pleadings from our firm because every one of our cases are unique. 

You can find examples of our petitions and motion practice on Pacer, Re:searchTX, and Westlaw. Charles Hardy Jr. – TX Bar No. 24107661, Daniel Griffin – TX Bar No. 24118060 Simon Purnell – TX. Bar No. 24003889. Or, feel free to reach out and ask for examples of publicly available filings. 

Well Financed Firm is prepared to handle Nearly Any case referral:

We have the relationships and resources to fund virtually any size case. If you choose to partner with us through a referral or joint venture expect us to cary the burden of upfront expenses including filing fees, court costs, and expert expenses. If the suit is successful, those expenses will be paid out of the client’s percentage of recovery. If the suit is not successful, you simply walk away.

As a low-volume firm we strive to be good stewards when it comes to managing case expenses. We’ve become very good at optimizing our costs so we can maximize each client’s bottom-line recovery. Our efficiency, fairness, and integrity are why our referring attorneys tell us they feel comfortable knowing that their case is in good hands.

Contact Us About your San Antonio Personal Injury Referral:

If you’re an attorney looking to joint venture or refer a case in San Antonio, contact Attorney Chase Hardy at your convenience. We can discuss the details of the referral or joint venture and craft an agreement that fairly and ethically compensates all involved.

Griffin Purnell Attorneys

Experienced Litigation Team

With over 100 verdicts and 10,000+ hours in trial the attorneys at Griffin Purnell are ready to take on your case. 

Whether you personally suffered a loss or are the family member of someone who has been injured or lost their life – we are here to ensure you are protected and properly compensated.

Our Low Volume - High Pace - Approach

Our low-volume litigation approach allows us to dedicate the time and energy needed to achieve favorable outcomes for our clients. This model involves meticulous research for each case using the latest legal databases, publications, and even active pleadings in comparable jurisdictions.

Griffin Purnell understands that “justice delayed is justice denied.” That’s why we’ve committed to establishing a “fast pace” at the onset of each dispute and ensuring that the other side sticks to their deadlines.

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