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Baltimore Key Bridge Collapse Lawsuit

Demanding Justice for Victims and Disrupted Businesses of The Key Bridge Collapse

In the early morning hours of March 26, 2024, the unthinkable occurred in Baltimore’s bustling harbor. A massive containership, the Singapore-flagged Dali, lost power and struck the support pillars of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, causing a catastrophic collapse. This devastating incident sent vehicles plunging into the frigid waters, left multiple construction workers missing, and severed a critical transportation artery for the region.

Griffin Purnell, a nationally renowned law firm specializing in complex catastrophic injury litigation, is actively investigating this highly-preventable tragedy. Our battle-tested trial attorneys are committed to fighting for justice on behalf of collapse victims and businesses disrupted by this disaster.

If you or a loved one have suffered harm due to the Baltimore bridge collapse, contact Griffin Purnell now at ‪(410) 861-0098‬ (Call or Text) for a free, no-obligation consultation. With one call you’ll speak directly with an experienced attorney who can evaluate your case and advise you of your rights. We work on a contingency basis, so you pay no fees unless we secure compensation for you.



UPDATE MAY 28, 2024: Insurance Coverage Available – Act Now to Secure your Claim at the Front of the Line

The sooner you involve an experienced law firm like Griffin Purnell to file your claim, the better your chances of maximizing your financial recovery.

Early investigations reveal robust insurance coverage that will be available to compensate collapse victims. The Dali cargo ship, for example, likely carries over $3 billion in total liability insurance. As litigation unfolds, expect to see insurers jockeying to shift blame. But don’t be discouraged – no matter how much they point fingers, the fundamental value of victims’ claims remains strong. In the eyes of the law, where there’s a wrong, there’s a remedy and justice delayed is justice denied.

The Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapse: What We Know

Around 1:30am on March 26th, the 948-foot Dali containership, carrying cargo for the shipping giant Maersk, struck a support pillar of the 1.6-mile Francis Scott Key Bridge, which carries I-695 over the Patapsco River. The vessel’s crew had reportedly radioed a distress call shortly before impact, claiming a loss of propulsion and power.

The collision caused a roughly 1700-foot segment of the steel truss bridge to break apart and plummet into the 50-foot deep harbor waters. Numerous vehicles, including a work crew performing overnight pothole repairs, were thrown from the collapsing roadway.

A major search and rescue operation was immediately launched, with Coast Guard boats and helicopters deployed alongside state and local emergency responders. To date, two injured construction workers have been pulled alive from the water, with one remaining hospitalized in serious condition. However, six of their colleagues who were on the bridge remain missing and are feared dead. It is not yet known if any motorists went into the water along with their vehicles.

The collapse has forced an indefinite closure of the port of Baltimore, one of the busiest shipping hubs on the East Coast. All inbound and outbound ship traffic has been halted, and experts predict significant disruptions to regional and national supply chains. The port is a major destination for automobile imports and exports, and an economic engine that generates billions annually while supporting more than 15,000 jobs.

Victims of the Collapse – Claims by Killed, Injured, and Affected Businesses

The true toll of this tragedy reaches far and wide. The injured construction workers, and the families of those missing, have had their lives shattered. Any motorists who went over the edge face a terrifying ordeal and devastating losses. Even those who escaped physical harm have experienced trauma that may never fade.

The closure of I-695 will bring daily disruption and frustration to the more than 30,000 drivers who rely on the Key Bridge each day. Local businesses, from port-reliant warehouses to neighborhood coffee shops, face a long and uncertain path to recovery. Preliminary estimates put the projected economic impacts exceeding $10 billion.

When preventable disaster strikes, victims deserve justice. At Griffin Purnell, we believe negligent actors must be held accountable. Through the civil justice system, we fight to help victims put their lives back together and force meaningful changes to protect others from similar harm.

Who is Responsible for the Key Bridge Collapse and how can victims recover?

A catastrophic event like the Baltimore bridge collapse involves a complex web of potentially liable parties. Thorough investigation and aggressive litigation will be needed to unravel the chain of negligent decisions and safety failures that culminated in this disaster.
Potential defendants may include:
  • The owners, operators, and managers of the Dali cargo ship
  • The two Maryland port pilots responsible for guiding the ship
  • The engineering firms that designed the Francis Scott Key Bridge
  • The construction and maintenance companies tasked with inspecting and repairing the bridge
  • The state and local government entities responsible for overseeing bridge safety
  • The manufacturers and suppliers of any faulty equipment that contributed to the ship’s power loss
No matter how powerful the defendants or how complex the case, our attorneys have the skills and resources to pursue maximum compensation for victims’ losses. 
Potential damages may include:
  • Wrongful death damages for families of those killed
  • Personal injury damages for survivors left with lasting injuries and scars
  • Property damage for vehicles lost
  • Lost income for those unable to work due to injury or disruption
  • Medical expenses for emergency treatment and long-term care
  • Mental anguish and emotional distress caused by the trauma
  • Loss of consortium for the spouses and children deprived of a loved one
  • Business interruption losses and economic damages for companies impacted by the port closure

What Should I Do If My Business Lost Money From The Bridge Collapse?

If your business has suffered financial losses due to the Baltimore bridge collapse, it’s crucial to act quickly and decisively to protect your legal rights and recover damages. Here are the most important steps to take:
Preserve everything. 

1. Preserve Everything: Start immediately collecting and safeguarding all records that document your business’s financial health before and after the bridge collapse. This includes:

  • Financial statements, tax returns, and sales reports
  • Receipts for any expenses incurred due to the disruption
  • Correspondence with customers, suppliers, and other business partners about interruptions
  • Insurance policies and any communication with your insurer
  • Maintenance and inspection records for any damaged business property

2. Review your insurance coverage: Many commercial property insurance policies include business interruption coverage. You may be entitled to compensation for lost profits, operating expenses, and even extra costs incurred to mitigate losses, like renting temporary equipment. Carefully review your policy documents and track any communication with your insurer.

3. Contact Griffin Purnell today: Speed is of the essence in catastrophic loss cases like the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse. It’s crucial to involve experienced legal counsel as early as possible to preserve your claim while evidence is fresh and witnesses’ memories are clear. 

Griffin Purnell is standing by to leap into action for impacted businesses. Our attorneys have deep experience in complex business interruption claims and a track record of maximizing our clients’ financial recoveries. Once retained, we will guide you through every aspect of the legal process, including:

  • Conducting a thorough investigation and securing key evidence
  • Analyzing your insurance policies and advocating for full coverage
  • Calculating and documenting your lost profits and extra expenses
  • Exploring all potential sources of recovery, including government relief

Prior Catastrophic Bridge Failures

Sadly, the Baltimore bridge collapse is not an isolated incident. Catastrophic infrastructure failures have devastated communities across the country. While each case is unique, they share common threads of preventable engineering lapses and inadequate safety oversight.

One of the most highly publicized recent examples is the Florida International University (FIU) pedestrian bridge collapse in March 2018. This tragic incident occurred when a 950-ton pedestrian bridge, installed just five days earlier, suddenly collapsed onto the road below. Six people lost their lives and ten more were injured.

The FIU collapse spurred a comprehensive federal investigation and multiple lawsuits. Victims and their families sought justice against a web of defendants, including the engineers who designed the flawed structure, the contractors responsible for building and installing it, and the government agencies that approved the plans. In 2022, a $103 million settlement was reached with all 23 defendants.

Other catastrophic bridge incidents in recent memory include:

  • The June 2015 balcony collapse in Berkeley, California that killed 6 college students and seriously injured 7 others. Investigators found the collapse was caused by water infiltration that led to dry rot. Victims and families filed lawsuits against the building’s owner, management firm, and construction contractors.

These prior incidents offer important lessons for the current situation in Baltimore. They illustrate the complex web of potential defendants, the painstaking forensic investigations required, and the potential for significant legal settlements. At Griffin Purnell, we’ve studied these cases closely to inform our strategy for representing Baltimore victims.

While no two infrastructure disasters are the same, there is a common imperative: holding wrongdoers accountable so that other families don’t have to suffer similar losses. With each case, the legal community has gained knowledge and precedent to strengthen our ability to prevail over well-resourced defendants and deliver justice.

Griffin Purnell: Proven Warriors for Catastrophic Injury Victims

With over 50 years of combined trial experience and a hard-earned reputation as a go-to firm for high-stakes cases, Griffin Purnell is uniquely qualified to take on complex disaster litigation like the Baltimore bridge collapse. We’ve built our practice on a deep commitment to fighting for everyday people against the largest, most well-funded defendants.

We understand that for victims, it’s not just about the money – it’s about accountability, prevention of future tragedies, and a sense of closure. We take those intangible client goals as seriously as the financial bottom line.

Our litigation strategy combines relentless investigation, cutting-edge courtroom technology, and an ability to powerfully connect with jurors. We don’t just level the playing field against corporate giants – we tilt it in our clients’ favor.

If we take your Baltimore bridge collapse case, you’ll pay no upfront costs. We advance all litigation expenses and are only paid if we win based on a fixed percentage of your total damages. Our interests are 100% aligned with fighting for the best possible result.


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